Do you want to learn how to become financially kick-ass, but don’t know where to start?
Do you have a mission that you believe is crucial for you to fulfill in order to live a meaningful life of positive impact on the world, but can’t get your personal money in order to make it happen?

Smart money management is essential for everything you do. Everything.

Want an advanced degree to become <fill in the blank>? You’ll need money.
Want to create a strong business? You’ll need money.
Want to send your kids to the best schools? You’ll need money.
Need to keep learning new skills? You’ll need money.

Everything you want to do in life can be done better with money. And yet, if you look around, most of us suck at money.

We’re never taught the most rudimentary basics by our parents or our teachers in schools. Why? Because money’s taboo. I could go into the ins and outs of our school curriculums or rail against the insecurities of our parents, but what would that accomplish? The reality is you’ve been dealt a very common set of cards – lots of education, but none on the one subject that’s critical to the success of all of your endeavors. Finance.

Here’s where you have a choice. You can keep floundering around financially, going nowhere but more likely downward with money, or you can do the work now to turn things around. If you’ve found this site, I know who you are. It’s never too late, and it’s definitely never too early to start.
You need a change in mindset and confidence. And, you need a proper step-by-step, inspirational guide.

This is where our Daily Program: Tying Purpose With Money program can help.

Unlike most online finance classes, it’s a daily program delivered through email that gives you bite-sized lessons and action plans to implement so that you’re challenged, but not overwhelmed.
  • Tying Purpose With Money is a financial learning program specifically designed for good people with great intentions (thank god, right? It felt good to create it! A money class for generous, purpose-driven spirits)
  • The classic principles of strong money management, broken down into step-by-step chunks 
  •  Repeatable habits and lessons that reinforce new behavior 
  •  Inspiration for when you have those days (which you will most definitely have) 
  •  Specific financial goals for the one month, 3 month, and 6 month mark 
  •  Accountability and check-off spreadsheets 
  •  Periodic reviews and time for catch-up on any tasks you couldn’t get to 

Tying Purpose With Money  spans one year. Over that time, if you’ve committed and put in the work, you’ll come out with a very different understanding of how your money works.

You’ll have begun to see a shift in your financial direction and a way to keep measuring your financial improvement over time. 

More importantly, you’ll feel more confident about your biggest hopes and dreams. With genuine financial know-how, your goals won’t feel so impossible. You may even feel downright optimistic and energized about your ideas. 😊

Most people spend their whole lives avoiding pain and struggle so they never level up. You’re not one of them. If you want to make something real out of your dreams (what I call “purpose”), get smart about your money. 

The Daily Program is an affordable monthly subscription. What are you waiting for?

What people are saying about the way I teach:

"I have read a lot and sought financial coaching in the past, but Jane’s was the first plan to get me excited about my financial future. Our phone conversation was warm and personal. She provided very clear, actionable advice for getting unstuck. Jane clearly has a firm grasp on the many types of challenges that people face when seeking financial coaching. She made me feel safe, supported, understood, and most of all, capable of moving forward with a solid plan. I do not believe I have ever felt this confident about my finances and the work I get to do to secure my family’s future! Thank you, Jane! "

- Tiffany J.

"I am loving The Mission Over Money class, really great language and ease of understanding. It is helping me see money in a new way, and it is less intimidating than ever before. In addition to learning about my spending habits. I signed up for this class at a time of change as well, I've decided to leave my job that I have been at for just about 9 years, and this has helped me get control of some of my fears of leaving... Probably a strange feeling to have as money is based on security, but your class is making me feel like I can do it, I am capable, competent and will be successful. "

- Erin B.

"I’ve been in the process of aligning my work endeavors with my core purpose, and Jane opened my eyes to something that I had been overlooking for a long time. My conversation with her triggered off a powerful thought process in my mind, and propelled me to take action! I am now in the process of making changes and excited to see what the future holds. Thank you!"

- Akshay S.
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