A six-week private coaching program that will change your financial life

I love helping creatives and entrepreneurs get money right. People with big dreams are often viewed as impractical, unrealistic, and terrible with money, when in order to succeed, they need to be the exact opposite. Gritty, real, and very practical with all of their resources. The odds are simply not in their favor otherwise.

There are over 7.2 billion people on this planet, and really only about a few thousand of those who will ever have major worldwide influence at any given time. That leaves the other 7,199,998,000 of us in a less secure spot. Perhaps your dream isn’t to become that kind of influencer at all which is totally cool, but the bottom line is, it’s an uphill battle to make a difference in the world through our work. We need everything working in our favor – time, focus, energy, and most definitely, money.

Creating a strong financial life for the long term usually entails cutting off old behaviors that are slowly but surely taking us in the wrong direction, and intentionally re-wiring our brains to want to do more of the things that are productive and wealth-building.

This is where I usually come in. As a former financial analyst on Wall Street and wealth manager, now writing and teaching for a living, I personally appreciate what it means to create a financial life that supports something bigger than yourself, a purpose. I went down the path of going after money like a goal, and it ate up my insides.

It all starts with self-care. Most of us don’t know what that means, financially-speaking. My job is to show you what it is, and how to do it.

I won’t lie. Coaching sessions with me aren’t easy. I ask uncomfortable questions. You’ll need to commit to learn new things. Anyone who’s ever tried to change a single habit knows how annoyingly difficult it can be, especially in the short term.

But creating a solid financial life is worth it. Every business, every mission, every project, is stronger with money behind it.

If you’re ready, grab a spot. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

Coaching session details:

  • A 6 week intensive program, with 3 private coaching calls;

  • A 45-minute private coaching session to assess your current financial challenges, and identify any underlying blocks you may not be aware of. You’ll walk away with a clear plan of action for how to reverse your most unproductive habits.

  • A second private coaching session to track your progress. We review what you’ve accomplished thus far and I suggest additional steps you need to take to make your changes permanent and highly impactful.

  • A third coaching session where we map out a path to reach your longer-term purpose-driven goals and create a more successful, fulfilling financial life.

  • Customized assignments tailored to your particular needs, no needless work that’s meant for another person with a different set of problems;

  • Full Access to Mission over Money: The Fundamentals of Strong Money Management Online Class (a $197 Value!);

  • Personalized attention to your individual purpose. If you’re having difficulty identifying what your purpose or calling is, we focus on making what you know you love doing into something that could make financial sense with time and focused effort. I cater to your whole person, not just your current financial picture like a robot;

  • This program works best if you have specific behavioral problems you want to address in your financial life – things you know you do that keeps you from creating the life you truly want;

  • Additional sessions can be booked as needed;

  • 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy after our first session (you’ll have 24 hours to ask for a refund, no gimmicks);

  • Learn how to become a higher-performing financial individual.

I’m Ready to Learn How to Build Genuine Wealth